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Tax Organizers

Tax Organizers

The following interactive client forms are available for DeTax clients to pre-fill online and sign in advance of the filing process: Our tax organizer will help you organize your tax information and make sure you don't miss any important deductions.

Please complete the following steps to take advantage of this tax organizer.
1. Click on the "View Tax Organizer" button below to bring up the organizer in a new window or download.
2. Fill-in on-screen or print the organizer by clicking on the printer icon on the top of the screen.
3. Fill out all the information you can.
4. Call us and schedule a meeting.
5. Bring the completed tax organizer and all supporting documents or fax ahead of  your meeting  You can also use QuickSend or, if you're a present client, use the Portal Login above.

DeTax CIS - Client Info Sheet_Page_1.jpg

CIS - Client Info Sheet

All the client information you'll need to provide for a quick and timely filing of your income tax return.

1040 - Income

1040 - Income

Income, Adjusted Gross Income, Payments, Simplified General Rule, Tax and Credits, and Dependent Care Expenses.

DETAX 1040 - Generic.jpg

1040 - Generic

Miscellaneous Income and Expenses.

DETAX Schedule A - Itemized Deductions.jpg

Schedule A - Itemized Deductions

Medical Expenses, Taxes You Paid, Interest You Paid, Gifts to Charity, Job Expenses and Other Misc. Deductions, Form 2106, and Gambling Expenses.

DETAX Schedule B D - Interest and Dividends or Capital Gains.jpg

Schedule B D - Interest and Dividends or Capital Gains

Bank Interest, Bank Dividends, and Stock Information.

DETAX Schedule C - 8829.jpg

Schedule C - Sole Proprietor or 1099

Business Income, Business Expenses, Cost of Goods Sold, Vehicle Information, House Information.

DETAX Schedule C - Sole Proprietor or 1099.jpg

Schedule C - 8829

Housing Information and Additional Housing Information

DETAX Schedule E - Rental Income.jpg

Schedule E - Rental Income

Rents Received and Rental Expenses.

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