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Refund Options

Refund Options

When filing your taxes at DeTax, you have two important decisions to make:
  1. Do you want to pay your preparation fees out of pocket or do you want them deducted from your DeTax Refund Transfer?
  2. Would you like your DeTax Refund Transfer delivered in the form of a check?
If you do NOT want to pay your preparation fees “out-of-pocket,” you should consider one of DeTax’s Refund Transfer options.

DeTax Refund Transfer Check*
  • Pay “No-Fees-Out-Of-Pocket”
  • Refund Available As A Check
  • $9,999 Maximum Check
DeTax Refund Transfer Direct Deposit*
  • Pay “No-Fees-Out-Of-Pocket”
  • Refund Deposited into your Checking Account
  • $9,999 Maximum Direct Deposit
Your preparer can advise you on which Refund Transfer option fits your situation the best!

You also have the option of receiving your refund directly from the IRS.
  • IRS Direct Deposit – If you don’t want a DeTax Refund Transfer and you have a bank account, we can electronically file your tax return and have the refund direct deposited into your account. Typically with this option, it takes about 21 days for you to receive the deposit.
  • IRS Check – If you don’t want a DeTax Refund Transfer and DO NOT have a bank account, we can electronically file your tax return and have the IRS send you a check in the mail. Using this option, it typically takes about four to six weeks for you to receive your refund.
*e-Collect bank product is offered through EPS Financial, LLC and The Bancorp Bank (Member FDIC). e-Collect fees apply. Typical IRS funding is 8-15 days. Speak to your tax preparer as to whether or not you are eligible for a tax refund; and about other IRS e-File options. Pricing and product terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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